Friday, 21 November 2014

andrea + kellen sunset portraits.

These photos here are evidence why I would love all of my wedding clients to give me even 20 minutes to sneak away during their reception to get some of the best bride+groom moments! These sunset photos were taken during Andrea + Kellen's reception while their guests were enjoying dessert, and they're some of my favourite photos from their gorgeous day (full blogpost here).

So future brides + grooms, please consider letting me steal you away for a sunset portrait session!! I promise it's worth it, since  A. you get some alone time on your wedding day and you'll be more relaxed by the time the reception is halfway in swing....  and  B. sunset is the best lighting! I won't say anymore though, I'll let these pictures do the talking.

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  1. Oh how awesome, andrea + kellen’s sunset portraits turned out to be. I had an amazing time watching these brilliant photos. Anyways, I also would be starting the preparations of my prep wedding shoot and a family party so I have to decide on a good event space that is picturesque and perfect for the luncheon as well. Can you provide any recommendations here?